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How Often Should I Get a Chemical Peel?

Are you interested in getting a chemical peel, but want to know how many times you’ll have to get one to see your ideal results?

The answer isn’t always obvious. Check out our recommendations for how often you should get a chemical peel, including why they vary based on peel type and skin tone.


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The Answer Depends on Your Peel

When we think of chemical peels, we tend to think of the stronger peels that can make skin look red and scaly for the first few days after treatment. While these peels certainly exist, the truth is that there are various levels of chemical peels, each with different strengths designed to achieve different results.

That’s why it can be so hard to give one right answer to “How often should I get a chemical peel,” as it really boils down to the type of peel you choose to get. Here’s a basic rundown of how long you should leave between chemical peels:

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  • Light peel: These peels can be done about two weeks apart; most patients usually need about six peels to see ideal results.
  • Medium peel: You may need about four weeks before getting your next peel. Medium peels usually require four peels to see results.
  • Deep peel: This is the strongest chemical peel option; as a result, most patients only need a couple to see results. These peels should be scheduled months apart, based on your surgeon’s recommendations.

Chemical peels shouldn’t be a regular skincare treatment, as it can actually lead to additional pigmentation if done too often.

Your Skin Plays a Role, Too!

In addition to the type of peel you opt for, your skin’s tone and texture will play a role in how often you should get a peel. Folks with pigmentation should only get a few chemical peels, while clients with acne scarring may want to get more peels to see better results.

Your plastic surgeon will be able to give you the recommended number of peels you need, based on your skin and desired results. Other options, such as laser treatments, may also be recommended.

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