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There are two common misconceptions about cellulite: one is it’s caused by diet and exercise, and the other is diet and exercise can control it. These contradictory ideas make it really confusing for people suffering the insecurity cellulite brings. Before now, there really wasn’t a great, reliable treatment for cellulite. For the first time, Dr. Scott Brenman at The Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery can successfully reduce cellulite’s signature “orange peel” appearance with an innovative, minimally invasive treatment called Cellulaze™.

How Does Cellulaze™ Work?

Cynosure, the creators of Cellulaze™, have spent years perfecting all types of laser treatment revolutions for discerning physicians like Dr. Brenman. Cellulaze™ is another breakthrough treatment. It’s minimally invasive, so there’s virtually no painful surgery or recovery to endure.

To understand how Cellulaze™ works, we have to understand cellulite’s structure. Connecting the fat cells and the skin’s surface, there are fibrous bands called septae, which are woven through the fatty cushion layer. As we get older, our skin gets thinner and the fatty layer thickens, pushing against the skin. The septae don’t stretch, pulling down on the skin, which is where cellulite gets its unmistakable dimpled or orange peel texture.

Cellulaze™ targets both the fat and the septae to smooth away the appearance of cellulite. A laser fiber is inserted through a tiny incision directly beneath the skin into the fatty layer, where thermal energy disrupts fat cell structures, effectively melting them to be pressed out. The laser energy also releases the hold the septae have while simultaneously thickening the skin so it’s not as easily pulled down into the fatty layer. This removes the dimpled appearance. But Cellulaze™ doesn’t stop there. It also stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibers so your skin still has the support it needs without the restrictive hold of the septae

Am I a Good Candidate for Cellulaze™?

The candidates who have the best results with Cellulaze™ are generally healthy individuals who are near their optimal weight but struggle with cellulite on their thighs. Patients with good skin elasticity also enjoy successful outcomes with Cellulaze™.

What is the Procedure Like?

Cellulaze™ is not a surgical procedure, so only local anesthesia is required for the tiny incision through which the laser fiber is inserted. Then Dr. Brenman delivers the Cellulaze™ energy to the tissues, moving the laser fiber to each area of the treatment site to ensure a smooth, shapely result. The entire treatment lasts only 60-90 minutes, and it’s recommended you wear a compression garment to support the treated tissues.

Downtime and Recovery

Patients experience some mild bruising and achiness, much like a strenuous workout would produce, but it resolves on its own. Normal activity can be resumed in 1-2 days, with more strenuous exercise allowed after 1-2 weeks.

What Results Can I Expect?

Cellulaze™ treatment is clinically proven to thicken skin by 25% and improve elasticity by 29% after a single session, creating a smoother, more refined result than any other cellulite treatment can achieve. Because the septae are released during the treatment, you should immediately see less dimpling. Your results will continue to improve for the next 3-12 months. Most patients need only one treatment to achieve their desired results. Keeping to a healthy diet and exercise regimen can maintain Cellulaze™ results for even longer.

Cellulite is notoriously difficult to diminish, but with the Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery and Cellulaze™, you can smooth away those unsightly cellulite dimples and improve your skin’s thickness and support to keep your thighs looking smoother and younger for longer. Get started with a consultation with Dr. Brenman today.

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