How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most well-known plastic surgeries across the world. It has been popularized in modern times, and surgical advancements have made the treatment better than ever before. This surgery specifically targets your nose and is designed to help alter its appearance. There are many reasons you may seek rhinoplasty, ranging from cosmetic concerns to medical conditions. Regardless of your reasons, a qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Brenman will be able to perform the surgery and deliver excellent results.  Naturally, as this is a procedure that interests a lot of people, there are plenty of questions relating to the topic. Most notably, many of our patients are keen to know how much their surgery will cost before they go through with it. We understand this is a key factor influencing your decision to undergo rhinoplasty, so here’s what you need to know about the costs:

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Average Cost of a Rhinoplasty

The average cost of nose surgery in the US can vary from provider to provider. Nevertheless, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has done research to try and figure out the nationwide average. According to data from 2019, the average cost of rhinoplasty was $5,409. However, this average cost was only part of the total price, and it referred purely to the cost of the actual surgery itself. Other factors must be considered when understanding the overall cost of rhinoplasty. 

Factors That Influence Final Cost

The figure given above will typically relate to the surgeon’s fee for the actual treatment. But, when you undergo nose surgery, you incur other charges as well. This can include:
  • Cost of any medical tests before treatment
  • Cost of any medication required
  • Cost of any special surgical garments needed
  • Cost of staying overnight in the medical facility
  • Cost of anesthesia
There are plenty of these costs to be aware of when you go for a rhinoplasty. A lot of patients don’t recognize that plastic surgery is far more than just the surgical procedure itself! You also need to know that the geographical location and surgeon’s experience play huge roles in determining the cost of this procedure.   

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Benefits of a Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty can benefit you in many different ways. Firstly, a medical rhinoplasty can help to improve breathing issues and make your life so much easier. Secondly, an aesthetic rhinoplasty can improve the appearance of your nose and sculpt it to your ideal size and shape. This can make your face more symmetrical and in proportion, making you feel so much better about your visual appearance. So many people are self-conscious about their noses, and rhinoplasty can remove this self-esteem issue for good. 

Am I a Candidate for a Rhinoplasty?

If you have issues with your nose and would like to change the way it looks, you could be a candidate for an aesthetic rhinoplasty. Similarly, if you have certain medical conditions – like a deviated septum – you may also be a candidate for this surgery. Full details will be discussed during your consultation, and Dr. Brenman will ensure you find the right treatment for your needs. 
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