Will Breast Augmentation Leave a Scar?

Will Breast Augmentation Leave a Scar?

Are you interested in undergoing breast augmentation surgery, but not-so-interested in the thought of dealing with surgical scarring? If that’s the case, read on to find out if breast augmentation will leave a scar, and if so, what you can do to fade the appearance of surgical scarring.


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Expect Some Minor Scarring

Like with all surgeries, breast augmentation surgery can leave minor signs of scarring. These scars are produced by the surgical incisions used to place the breast implant. These incisions can be placed in hard-to-notice areas, like underneath the breast curve, in the armpit, and/or directly around the areola. The goal is to make it possible for the surgical scars to blend in as much as possible.

Fading the Appearance of Surgical Scars

Your breast augmentation scars shouldn’t be visible to the casual observer; however, if you still feel uncomfortable at the thought of having your scars showing while wearing a bikini or in the nude, there are steps we can take to fade the appearance of surgical scars.

Breast Augmentation Consultations Available

Request A Consultation

For example, at The Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery, we may offer a range of laser skin resurfacing procedures that can gently yet effectively minimize the appearance of scarring. We can also provide peels or microdermabrasions exclusively tailored to fade surgical scars. Patients can be provided with a cream that they can apply to the surgical scar to fade it away. No matter what option you choose, please note that you won’t be able to undergo scar fading treatments until you’ve appropriately healed from your surgery. For that reason, expect to wait at least six months before pursuing surgical scarring treatments.
This visit was a pleasure! Dr. Brenman thoroughly explained my options and did seem rushed. He answered all my questions and made me comfortable with making my decision. Gina was friendly and helpful in facilitating scheduling etc. I feel confident in my choice.
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To learn more about what you can expect from your breast augmentation surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott A. Brenman, M.D. at The Pennsylvania Centre for Plastic Surgery in Plymouth Meeting, PA. (267) 687-2180

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